Jeff Jinx

Quelle Liberté? (What Freedom?)

Once in an Absinthe dream,
All problems solved in green,
The ritual complete,
Sugar dripping through a slotted spoon,
Brings the Fairy clouding into bloom,
Summoned forth to charm the venturous,

La Fée; the misfit's muse,
In Bordels, birthed Toulouse,
Sipped from a hollow cane;
The Maiden's Blush so vivid yesterday,
Blends into an emerald disarray,
Rapturously wild and blasphemous,

Who owns you? Quelle Liberté?

Promptly the clock chimes six,
The Green Hour feeds on ticks,
Purloins and wraps them up;
In Wormwood blankets wove in restlessness,
Prolonged sojourns dressed as decadence,
Liberty for rich and poor no less.

Who owns you? Quelle Liberté?

The margins of my mind,
Subdued but lucid, bind,
Defenestrations mount;
Wingless fathers in Bohemia,
Fall from windows to a certain death,
Or saved by angels for a second breath?

Who owns you? Quelle Liberté?

(music/lyrics - Jeff Myers 2015)