Jeff Jinx

"Exits To Dreamland" - The new album - today?

The new album is THIS ‘complete.’ It’s recorded, mixed, mastered and released by EMU today. I’ve put everything I had into it – emotions, vocals, lyrics and musical gymnastics. However - without listeners – it’s just another few digits in the void of cyberspace. Only ears make it sound. It was made for the love of music and the unbidden drive of creative insanity; that call you get you can’t ignore. I don’t anticipate any financial return. The business is broken and I only know that musicians didn’t break it. I don’t have the resources to give it away for a chart position. Desperately wish I could give Bono a free copy – you know, return the favour? But I’d sincerely LOVE it to be listened to, critiqued and notice given. You can hate it. You can beat it black and blue and leave the corpse on a low hanging branch in the deepest forest of pretentious endeavour. But an honest listen and response would mean The WORLD to me. I’ll even quote you. JJ.